Examples of Future Continuous Tense

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Definition of Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Tense represents a continuous action which will happen in the future.

Future Continuous Tense Examples

  • I will be writing articles on different topics.
  • Robert will be reading various kinds of books.
  • They will be playing football in that field.
  • April will be having coffee in this coffee shop.
  • Bob will be going to the library.
  • We will be shopping in that market this Monday.
  • We will be watching a movie in this Cineplex on next Friday.
  • You will be shopping at that market tomorrow.
  • I will be singing different kinds of songs, especially modern.
  • I will be attending a program of my varsity on Friday.
  • Jeff will be traveling around the world in March.
  • They will be playing hockey in that field on Thursday.
  • The poet will be writing a romantic poem for the program.
  • The lyricist will be writing a realistic song for the film.
  • Will you be going to the concert of realistic songs?
  • I will not be attending the program because of my busy schedule.
  • Robin will be joining us at the meeting.
  • I will be helping him to do the task.
  • We will be going to enjoy the musical drama.
  • I will be arranging all the necessary materials for the program.

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